SET? What does it stands for?

SET: Software Engineering Tools.

Yes, you got it!

In this article we’ll talk about development tools we use to design modern softwares.

Ok ok, you may not be using exactly the same, it may be equivalent tools of each.

But this is a minimum set to begin your professionnal coding adventure!

That’s what i use, have a look down there!


1 +Wamp 3.0.6 -WAMP : Windows/Apache/MySQL/PHP. As you noticed it’s related to MySQL relational database management system(RDBMS). Wamp is a server for PHP and MySql databases. Without wamp your software will not be able to execute PHP and not be able to open a connection with MySql databases. It’s an Apache project. You also have Lamp (for Linux), Mamp (for MacOS)…
2 +Postgresql 10.4 -My favorite Realtional database Management System(RDBMS). As MySql, it helps you define relational databases on modern ways and also manage database servers.
3 +MySQL workbench 8.0.13 Same as PostgreSql but requires less powerhorse hardware resources.
4 +JDK 1.8 8u191 Java Development Kit(JDK) is a set of tools you need to install in order to run Java in your computer. It’s mandatory !
5 +Maven 3.5.4 Also an Apache project, it’s a modern tool used in Java programming nowadays to define your application structure and it’s dependencies with both internal and external plugins.
6 +IntelliJ Idea 2018.2.6 Simply the most intelligent and intuitive Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for backend development.
7 +Postman 5.3.2 Very useful tool to test your service requests and responses. Mostly used to test REST requests in backend development.
8 +Git 2.19.1 Most popular version control tool. To make it simple, Git helps you without headache, merge codes from multiple sources. It’s mandatory if you work in a team of developers, to efficiently control your code version at any automatically and time.
9 +MS Visual Code 1.29.0 The new nugget of Microsoft for frontend development. It eases the developer job. Mostly used for Angular development.
10 +Filezilla 3.37.4 I use it for file transfer in ftp or sftp mode. Sometimes, when you’re done with your code, you need to upload files on the cloud or on a remote server.
11 +Node JS 8.12.0 Mandatory tool for Angular development. It’s a server that helps browser understands your Typescript code.

I voluntarily put two DBMS tools, one is enough for your development. I inserted the two because i love both 🙂 .

Yeah, i know, it’s crazy but that’s how love is 🙂 .

Those tools are a good start for Java programming.

As well as a carpenter prepare his knocker and planks, you should SET up your tools for the dev’Adventure!

And don’t forget, skills are sleeping in you…